The Versabatt

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  • Capacity 2.3kWh
  • IP rating: IP66
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Dimensions: 48 x 28 x 8.5cm

Compact, lightweight, and powerful, this exclusive new technology is an environmentally friendly and robust solution for your energy storage problems. Manufactured & tested to the highest safety and quality standards, this sleek and powerful powerpack is now within your reach.

Fit for personal use, at home, or during outdoor leisure time.

Delivers efficiency, high performance, and long life for a range of professional applications.

Powerful, Smart, Compact, and Efficient

Versabatt Power Pack

Highly integrated power solutions that offer safe, quick, and easy access to energy no matter where you are. Get away from the grid without compromising on your power needs with this flexible product.

Why Versabatt


Take it anywhere you need

Plug & Play

Get instant power courtesy user-friendly quarter turn connector


IP66 Rated


Long-lasting and hard-wearing


A battery that can power your needs anytime, anywhere

How it Works

A Versatile Power Pack

Made in Norway
  • Safety

    Fully certified and approved according to EU and UN directives

  • Quality

    Built from high-quality components to ensure a lifetime of service

  • Sustainability

    An eco-friendly system to support a greener, cleaner future

Future Products


Combine the power of multiple Versabatts into one

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A modular energy storage system for increased flexibility

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Here is what our clients
have to say:

“Being a craftsman, I needed a charging station in my van for when I need to use power tools on site. So, I decided to get the Versabatt. Now, I have a system that powers up my tools and the new coffee machine and microwave I installed in the van to support my on-the-go lifestyle.”

Jan Erik Hamre (Craftsman)

“On shoots, we need a generator and a long extension cord to power up the lights and other equipment. It is noisy and extremely inconvenient in general. After using the Versabatt, we were in disbelief that we have an alternative that is sustainable, silent, simple, and practical to use.”

Christian Bjønnes (Filmaker)

“Versabattis super easy to use- and also so good to look at! We have absolutely no complaints and are pleased to have a sustainable power source for everything else than heating.”

Sarah Farlow (Cottage owner)

“I run alandscape & gardening company and was looking for a charging infrastructure to replace traditional fuel cans as we wanted to decreasethe use of fossil fuel powered tools.Versabatt was the ideal battery system for us and has made our work a lot simpler.”

Svein Erik Bjerkrheim (Steen og lund)

“Camping is my job as a wilderness guide. Versabatt has made our lives a lot easier, as we have power in case of emergencies and for cooking and entertainment as well.”

Selena Garcia (Wilderness Guide)

Never-ending Adventures

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Live your life to the fullest without limitations.

Unbridled Productivity

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