The Versatile Battery

Versabatt is an innovative, versatile and environmentally friendly battery system built for demanding applications within marine, e-mobility, robots, agritech and off-grid activities



A versatile, portable and robust battery fit for the challenges and requirements of the modern age.

Versabatt has been invented and developed by e-Motive Technology AS, a Norwegian company founded by electric vehicle professionals with a long and verifiable track record. Versabatt & VersaConnect were separated out into a standalone technology company, Versabatt AS, in early 2020.


The powerful Versabatt companion, allowing safe combination and hot-swapping of multiple batteries.

Although the Versabatt can be used as a standalone battery, certain applications require more power and capacity. The VersaConnect can combine 4 Versabatt batteries in parallel, monitoring their voltages, output currents, and controlling charging and discharging.

For higher power and capacity, VersaConnects can

be connected in parallel, providing scalability.


Jesper R. Schweitz and Tore Skjervheim, Founding Partners of Versabatt

Our Mission

We want to reduce harmful emissions across key sectors by providing a viable energy alternative.

Versabatt aims to significantly reduce harmful emissions from key sectors by developing versatile, rugged, zero emission battery solutions that radically changes the value proposition with a realistic and cost-effective alternative that is suitable in more applications than our competitors, and that improves ease of use for our retail and business customers.



Discover how Versabatt could work for you, servicing your portable power requirements.

As a versatile, portable and robust battery system, Versabatt can provide propulsion and other power requirements for a wide range of industries and consumers. More specifically, Versabatt can clean up the small-to-medium sized boat fleet with a low cost, green energy solution. It can also service the agriculture, construction, leisure and fish farming industries by powering electrically driven robots and machinery with clean electricity, replacing diesel.


Solar panel



Internet of Things (IoT)

Custom products


Our Team

Learn more about the entrepreneurs behind

the innovative Versabatt battery solutions.

Our team is comprised of enthusiastic individuals with a total of over 25 years of experience within the electric vehicle / automotive business, working for the likes of Valeo-Siemens, Think EV, GM, and Ford. We have a proven track record and use this experience to create versatile, innovative and environmentally friendly energy storage and propulsion battery solutions.

Tore Skjervheim
Jesper Schweitz
Fredrik L. Larsen
Milad Zarghani

Advisory Board



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